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CRO Forum QIS4 Benchmark Study

The CRO Forum companies have developed internal capital models, which they expect to be approved by the regulators as a basis for setting the level of target capital ('SCR'). The CRO Forum companies have also participated in QIS4.

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New: Best Risk Management Practices

The CRO Forum is pleased to announce a new initiative called Best Risk LManagement Practices. Through our group of large international companies, we are working together to identify best risk practices and sharing our views though these publications with the hope to strengthen risk management practices in the (re)insurance industry and improve the knowledge of risk professionals globally.

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Liquidity Risk Management

This paper is part of a series of work by the CRO Forum under their Best Risk Management Practices initiative.The paper outlines important principles and considerations that should be part of best risk management practice for the management of liquidity risk within an insurance company. The primary focus of this paper is the management of liquidity risk where the company bears the risk, as opposed to the policyholder.

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CRO Forum response on the credit crisis

Financial Crisis strongly reinforces the case for Solvency II. EU should not water down the Solvency II directive or postpone the legislative process New CRO Forum publication comments on the consequences of the financial crisis forEnterprise Risk Management and regulation in the insurance industry

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