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CRO Forum – CP80

The CRO Forum welcomes the opportunity to comment this consultation paper on pre-application process for Internal Model. The timing for this paper is good as many supervisors are already starting a pre-application process and it will promote necessary harmonization. This paper is of high quality and the CRO Forum strongly supports CEIOPS in aiming for one unique pre-application process led by the lead/group supervisor in cooperation with the other supervisors concerned.

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Market Risk Calibration March 2010

The CRO Forum welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the calibration of the standard formula through this paper on market risks. This document is a follow-up to our position papers published respectively last May: ‘Calibration Principles for the Solvency II Standard Formula”; and last December: ‘Calibration recommendation for the correlations in the Solvency II standard formula’.

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