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CRO Forum Blueprint on Oil Sands

The purpose of this paper is to raise general awareness of the sustainability challenges related to the extraction of oil sands. In addition, the paper sets out possible ways of how (re-)insurance companies, from a risk management perspective, could address business transactions in relation to oil sands. It should be noted that the paper does not present any technical, legal, financial or underwriting views.

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Endocrine Disruptors

Human and animal life is widely exposed to many artificial substances that interfere with the sensitively constructed hormonal system. Substances that interfere with hormones are called Endocrine Disrupting compounds/chemicals (EDC). EDCs are a truly emerging [...]

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Joint Meeting Survey

As you know, the CRO Forum will have a joint meeting with the CRO Council on Thursday March 21, 2013 in London.  The Joint Planning Committee needs information from you to accurately plan the details [...]

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The Right to Underwrite

Recent and pending EU Anti-discrimination law (Directives, European Court of Justice ruling) poses a major challenge to the insurance industry. In this paper, the CRO Forum expresses their views on how such legal framework affects [...]

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Working Group Introduction

At the CRO Forum Third Quarterly 2012 meeting the issue was raised that regulators do treat diversification effects differently, and have not a good reference to judge entities' diversification benefits. Therefore it was decided that [...]

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During the CRO Forum Q3 meeting Members decided that - if the final terms of reference for the test did not include an industry scenario – the CRO Forum would conduct a benchmark study analysing [...]


IAIS Collaboration Project

The IAIS approached the CRO Council and CRO Forums given the role of the CRO and their expertise in the industry.  The CRO Council and Forum plan to collaborate and provide the IAIS with further [...]

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CRO Forum Monthly Call

Please note that the next CRO Forum Monthly Call is scheduled on Thursday November 22 from 18h00 to 19h15 CET.

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Introduction Anti-Discrimination WG

During the Q2 2012 CRO Forum meeting, CROs decided to prepare a short paper on anti-discrimination considering the practical consequences and considerations of Anti-discrimination directives highlighting related fundamentals of insurance and the risk management implications.The [...]

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