The IAIS approached the CRO Council and CRO Forums given the role of the CRO and their expertise in the industry.  The CRO Council and Forum plan to collaborate and provide the IAIS with further education and understanding of how a CRO approaches risk management, the tools used, and what they consider when evaluating entities within their group. This will be done in a presentation format.

The Joint ComFrame Working Group agreed to prepare presentations on key topics to be provided to the IAIS in early 2013 (date of the session to be defined).  The key topics include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Role of CRO (ERM)
  3. ORSA
  4. Stress Testing

The Working Group is seeking volunteers for the above sections. If you are interested in contributing to the presentation materials, please respond to the following brief survey. In addition, the Working Group would like to have an in person meeting in November. The survey will also ask you for your preferred dates and location of the in-person meeting.