Marco Vet of Achmea was elected as the Chief Risk Officer’s Forum vice-chairman for 2013.

The CRO Forum has selected a new vice-chair, Marco Vet, Director Risk & Compliance at Achmea. Previous roles at Achmea include Director Group Risk Management and Director Business Development. Before joining Achmea, Marco was President at the Dutch Actuarial Association (AG), and Partner at PWC.

He takes over for David Cole, Chief Risk Officer of Swiss Re and Vice-Chairman of the CRO Forum during 2012. David Cole was elected as the CRO Forum Chairman for 2013.

Commenting on his new role as Vice-Chairman of the CRO Forum Mr. Vet said: “The key aspirations of the CRO Forum for 2013 are to continue to develop technically sound and pragmatic solutions promoting best risk management practices and publications to create risk awareness. In light of the new regulatory and economic challenges such as conflicts surrounding internal model management, the importance of developing a good risk culture, I would advise every CRO to spend a considerable amount time in the Company’s risk appetite and working alongside it.” For further information please contact