Renzo Avesani of Unipol, will chair the Chief Risk Officer’s Forum for 2015

Renzo Avesani, Chief Risk Officer of Unipol and Vice-Chairman of the CRO Forum in 2014, was elected CRO Forum Chairman for 2015 during the fourth quarterly meeting of the Forum in December 2014. Renzo’s previous [...]

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CROF QIS5 Press Release

QIS5: A checkpoint to steer Solvency II. Results will provide a tangible basis to assess potential outcomes of Solvency II. The CRO Forum welcomes and supports the efforts of the Commission and CEIOPS in moving [...]

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The CRO Forum keeps its finger on the pulse…

In addition to its commitment to the Solvency II project, the CRO Forum maintains its focus on the promotion of best risk management practices by unraveling potential threats to the industry.

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Solvency II: all models are internal…but some

Under Solvency II, (re)insurance companies have the option to elect the Standard Model as defined under Solvency II or apply for approval to use Internal Models. Regulatory authorities have spent a lot of time and attention on the admissibility requirements for granting Internal Model approval.

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