Marco Vet, director Risk & Compliance of Achmea and Vice-Chairman of the CRO Forum in 2013, was elected CRO Forum Chairman for 2014 during the fourth quarterly meeting of the Forum last week.

The CRO Forum would like to thank David Cole, Chief Risk Officer of Swiss Re, for chairing the Forum since September 2012. Under David’s leadership, the CRO Forum continued to play a significant role in key discussions on risk management, with a focus on best practices, emerging risks, and issues related to changes in regulation.

The CRO Forum welcomes the on-going cooperation with other industry stakeholders and the efforts undertaken to achieve a common industry position on open elements of the Solvency II framework and other regulatory developments. The CRO Forum is grateful to the European Commission and EIOPA for their willingness to continue engaging with the industry in a constructive dialogue. The CRO Forum looks forward to working with all relevant stakeholders in the coming year.

Commenting on his new role as Chairman of the CRO Forum, Marco said: ”I’m honoured to take over this role from David and I look forward to continue to work with the other Forum members in the course of 2014. The Forum will pursue its efforts in the three main areas of focus: best practices in risk management, providing insight into emerging risks and contributing to the regulatory debate.”

New Vice Chair

In the same meeting Renzo Avesani of Unipol was elected Vice-Chairman of the Chief Risk Officer’s Forum  for 2014. Renzo’s other commitments, as EIOPA stakeholder and Insurance Europe Solvency II committee chair, will contribute to the effectiveness of the Forum. Commenting on his new role as Vice-Chairman, Renzo said: “The continued development of sound risk management practices as a support to a more efficient development of the business in turbulent regulatory and financial times, will keep our attention. More specifically, we will continue our work with respect to Solvency II and ComFrame and we aim to publish several papers on sound risk management practices and emerging risks in the course of 2014”








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