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CRO Forum Sustainability Framework August 2010

As a consequence of globalisation, public expectations have risen that businesses should behave responsibly and accountably in terms of minimizing their environmental and social footprint. Even though this footprint is low for the insurance industry due to the service nature of its operations, headline risk has nonetheless increased.

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QIS 5 Technical Specification Risk-free interest rates

We would like to take the opportunity to specify certain aspects of the risk-free interest rate term structure for QIS 5. This technical paper is set out in four sections to cover the aspects of the risk-free interest rate term structure as asked from the European Insurance CFO Forum and CRO Forum.

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CRO Forum – CP80

The CRO Forum welcomes the opportunity to comment this consultation paper on pre-application process for Internal Model. The timing for this paper is good as many supervisors are already starting a pre-application process and it will promote necessary harmonization. This paper is of high quality and the CRO Forum strongly supports CEIOPS in aiming for one unique pre-application process led by the lead/group supervisor in cooperation with the other supervisors concerned.

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Market Risk Calibration March 2010

The CRO Forum welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the calibration of the standard formula through this paper on market risks. This document is a follow-up to our position papers published respectively last May: ‘Calibration Principles for the Solvency II Standard Formula”; and last December: ‘Calibration recommendation for the correlations in the Solvency II standard formula’.

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Carbon nano tubes

The Emerging Risks Initiative releases today three papers on risks emerging in the insurance industry, namely: Environmental liabilities & biodiversity losses; Carbon nano tubes (CNT); and Workplace related stress. The papers identify elements of the changing risk landscape that may create new challenges for stakeholders such as public authorities as well as financial institutions like insurance providers.

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Press release on Solvency II

The Forum strongly believes the directive represents an important step toward implementing an advanced supervisory and solvency framework which will help strengthen the European insurance industry. The Forum now urges the European Commission to introduce clear and effective implementing measures that will deliver the directive's basic principles.

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Calibration Principles

The Solvency II standard formula to calculate a company's Solvency Capital Requirement should present a balancing act between various targets such as simplicity, risk sensitivity and robustness. The CRO Forum believes the main principles of the current standard formula, namely to asses the sensitivity with respect to all material risk factors and to aggregate capital requirements allowing for diversification, are appropriate for this purpose and moreover set incentives towards risk mitigation strategies.

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