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Principles Governing Transitional Provisions

Solvency 2 represents a step change in the prudential regulation of insurance that promotes the best practice standards of risk management advocated by the CRO Forum. The challenge of implementing a harmonised and risk-based economic approach across the EU should not be underestimated.

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This presents the insurance industry with significant challenges and opportunities. The paper recommends that assessing risk over the life cycle of these nanomaterials should be standard practice for the nanotechnology industry, as well as for their insurers and reinsurers.


Market Risk Calibration March 2010

The CRO Forum welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the calibration of the standard formula through this paper on market risks. This document is a follow-up to our position papers published respectively last May: ‘Calibration Principles for the Solvency II Standard Formula”; and last December: ‘Calibration recommendation for the correlations in the Solvency II standard formula’.

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Carbon nano tubes

The Emerging Risks Initiative releases today three papers on risks emerging in the insurance industry, namely: Environmental liabilities & biodiversity losses; Carbon nano tubes (CNT); and Workplace related stress. The papers identify elements of the changing risk landscape that may create new challenges for stakeholders such as public authorities as well as financial institutions like insurance providers.

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Internal Model Myths

For a long time, many (re)insurance companies have realized the need for risk-based valuations and solvency capital measurement and have started developing internal economic capital models which suit their needs. This is without prompting from regulators and rating agencies. Why? Such models provide a common measurement basis across all risks (e.g. same methodology, time horizon, risk measure, level of confidence, etc.) and are a powerful tool for strategic decision-making, for example in capital allocation and pricing.

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Operational Risk Management

Further, European supervisors considered the causes of failures (and near-failures) of a number of insurers and their analysis showed that the causes were mostly associated with inappropriate risk decisions resulting from underlying internal failures rather than inadequate capitalisation per se.

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Risk management response to financial crisis

The CRO Forum is pleased to announce this thought leadership paper - insurance risk management response to the financial crisis. Through our group of large international (re)insurance companies, we are working together to identify best [...]

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