In addition to its commitment to the Solvency II project, the CRO Forum maintains its focus on the promotion of best risk management practices by unraveling potential threats to the industry.

The Emerging Risks Initiative releases today three papers on risks emerging in the insurance industry, namely:

  • Environmental liabilities & biodiversity losses
  • Carbon nano tubes (CNT); and
  • Workplace related stress.


The papers identify elements of the changing risk landscape that may create new challenges for stakeholders such as public authorities as well as financial institutions like insurance providers.

On the papers:

The Environmental Liabilities paper is a position paper providing an in-depth study and insurance industry position on a particular risk topic.

The papers on Carbon nano tubes and Workplace related stress are briefings providing a risk summary to alert stakeholders on potential risk landscape modification.

Environmental liabilities: A better understanding of the environmental liability exposure created by new legislation is crucial for the risk management of operators. It will help to manage and reduce potential impacts on the environment. Furthermore, this enhanced understanding facilitates the implementation of suitable risk prevention / mitigation strategies including risk transfer to professional risk carriers. This position paper establishes the basis for enhanced risk dialogue that will increase the likelihood of preventing damage to the environment, but also facilitate restoration of the environment when damage has occurred.

Carbon nano tubes (CNT): Nanotechnologies in total are very rapidly developing technologies with a huge market potential. The risks related to carbon Nanotubes are a moving target and have to be monitored closely. Our briefing note presents insights on the substantial developments with regard to products, hazard profiles and regulation, which can be expected in the next decade. In light of all that is known to date about exposure to asbestos-like effects of CNT, there are a number of considerations for individual insurance companies in terms of pre-emptive risk mitigation strategies.

Workplace related stress: Like so many other aspects of economic activity, Workplace Related Stress developed into a global issue. Decisions made in one country can have significant implications somewhere else in the world. While the emotional cause of an accident may be obscure in many instances, it should not mask the insurance impacts of occupational stress which can be considerable. This briefing note aims at raising awareness of stakeholders on this complex issue.

For more information, please view these publications on our ‘Publications’ page.