Robin Spencer of Aviva and David Cole of Swiss re will chair the Chief Risk Officer’s Forum during 2012.

Robin Spencer, Chief Risk Officer of Aviva PLC and Vice-Chairman of the CRO Forum during 2011, was elected as the CRO Forum Chairman for 2012. Swiss Re’s Chief Risk Officer, David Cole, was elected Vice-Chairman of the CRO Forum for 2012.

Thank you Axel P. Lehmann
The CRO Forum would like thank Axel P. Lehmann, Chief Risk Officer of Zurich Financial Services, for leading the Forum during the past year. In 2011, the CRO Forum continued to play a significant role in bringing the industry together and providing contributions in support of the on-going development of the Solvency II regime.

The CRO Forum welcomes the on-going cooperation between industry stakeholders and the efforts to achieve an industry voice on open elements of the Solvency II framework. The CRO Forum is grateful to the European Commission and EIOPA for their willingness to continue engaging with the industry’s positions in developing Solvency II. The CRO Forum looks forward to working with all relevant stakeholders in the coming year.

Commenting on his new role as Chairman of the CRO Forum Mr. Spencer said: “It is an honour to be elected to lead this important group in 2012. I look forward to continuing to work with the CRO Forum members in promoting best practice risk management in line with the shared objectives of the CRO Forum and promoting its recognition by policymakers and regulators. The key aspirations of the CRO Forum for 2012 are to continue to provide insights on emerging risks and to develop technically sound and pragmatic solutions promoting best risk management practices, and specifically in the Solvency II context, that help establish well balanced implementation measures for Solvency II and other relevant regulatory developments.”

Upon their election, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Cole stated that: “Whilst Solvency II remains a priority within our agenda, we will continue to encourage the CRO Forum to provide input on wider risk management issues including emerging risks. We will undoubtedly work with various stakeholders in support of promoting best practice risk management”.