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Welcome to the CRO Forum

The CRO Forum is a group of professional risk managers from the insurance industry that focuses on developing and promoting industry best practices in risk management. The Forum consists of Chief Risk Officers from large multi-national insurance companies. It aims to represent the members’ views on key risk management topics, including emerging risks. We hope the information on our website will help shape an understanding of our work and the views of the Forum’s members.



Autonomous Machines

CROF ERI 2017 - Autonomous Machines Position Paper Autonomous machines increasingly feature in business’s and people’s everyday lives. With exponential [...]

A Guide to Defining, Embedding and Managing Risk Culture

CRO Forum - A Guide to Defining Embedding and Managing Risk Culture Regulators are taking a heightened interest in organizations’ [...]

Use of internal models in ICS 2.0

In recognition of the fact that a sound capital and supervisory framework for the insurance sector is essential for supporting [...]

Leading Practices in Model Management

There is model risk associated with every model. Although this is a well-known fact and extensively covered in the literature, [...]