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Autonomous Machines

CROF ERI 2017 - Autonomous Machines Position Paper Autonomous machines increasingly feature in business’s and people’s everyday lives. With exponential advances expected in the next few years in artificial intelligence, robotics and data-supporting infrastructure, autonomous [...]

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A Guide to Defining, Embedding and Managing Risk Culture

CRO Forum - A Guide to Defining Embedding and Managing Risk Culture Regulators are taking a heightened interest in organizations’ risk management and underlying cultures, with the spotlight shifting somewhat from banks to insurers. Organizations [...]

A Guide to Defining, Embedding and Managing Risk Culture2017-12-20T12:37:03+00:00


Bernhard Kaufmann,  Group Chief Risk Officer of Munich Re and Vice-chair of the CRO Forum in 2016,  has been elected CRO Forum Chairman for 2017. Bernhard joined Munich Re Group in 2000. He has been [...]

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