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ERI Risk Radar 2016

The CRO Forum’s Emerging Risk Initiative is committed to continuously improve risk management and identify emerging risks within the insurance industry. The Emerging Risk Initiative identified the current emerging risk which are expected to have [...]

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Water Risk

Water risks are often underestimated, disregarded or simply ignored. They represent major emerging risks for the re/insurance industry and for global society in terms of scarcity, pollution, health, treatment, conflicts, regulatory and reputational risks. Water [...]

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Solvency II - Tax? Not my cup of tea! The reality is, that under Solvency II taxes do concern every insurance undertaking, since (deferred) taxes can have a significant impact on the Solvency Capital Requirements [...]

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Concept Proposal categorisation methodology for cyber risk

Cyber risk continues to dominate discussions in nearly all forums.  The limited and fragmented data on cyber risk presents a significant challenge for companies as they try to understand, mitigate and quantify cyber risks. A [...]

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Big Data & Analytics

The smart phone checking your blood pressure, your car’s navigation system, your web navigation - just three examples of solutions that, in addition to making your daily life easier, produce data representing your health and [...]

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Emmanuel Van Grimbergen of Ageas, will chair the CRO Forum for 2016

Emmanuel Van Grimbergen, Chief Risk Officer of Ageas and vice-Chairman of the CRO Forum in 2015, was elected CRO Forum Chairman for 2016 during the fourth quarterly meeting of the Forum in December 2015. Before [...]

Emmanuel Van Grimbergen of Ageas, will chair the CRO Forum for 20162017-06-06T09:22:31+00:00