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Emmanuel Van Grimbergen of Ageas, will chair the CRO Forum for 2016

Emmanuel Van Grimbergen, Chief Risk Officer of Ageas and vice-Chairman of the CRO Forum in 2015, was elected CRO Forum Chairman for 2016 during the fourth quarterly meeting of the Forum in December 2015. Before [...]

Emmanuel Van Grimbergen of Ageas, will chair the CRO Forum for 20162017-06-06T09:22:31+00:00

Establishing and Embedding Risk Appetite: Practitioners’ View

Risk appetite has been at the forefront of risk management discussion, especially since the global financial crisis. We are therefore pleased to introduce our latest publication “Establishing and Embedding Risk Appetite: Practitioners’ view” which is [...]

Establishing and Embedding Risk Appetite: Practitioners’ View2018-06-07T13:06:09+00:00

Principles Governing Transitional Provisions

Solvency 2 represents a step change in the prudential regulation of insurance that promotes the best practice standards of risk management advocated by the CRO Forum. The challenge of implementing a harmonised and risk-based economic approach across the EU should not be underestimated.

Principles Governing Transitional Provisions2017-05-10T20:05:29+00:00

CRO briefing Emerging Risk Initiative

The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Forum's Emerging Risk Initiative is committed to continuously improving risk management. This paper advocates as best practice a process whereby insurers and reinsurers re-examine their assumptions about frequency, severity, loss trends and how the risks in their portfolios are interconnected and generally stress test their internal processes for hitherto "unthinkable" dimensions of risks. The paper seeks to address rating agencies, analysts, governments, regulators, intermediaries and risk modelling firms alike. This study is non-binding and for reference purposes only.

CRO briefing Emerging Risk Initiative2019-01-25T11:27:07+00:00